Katie + Tom's wedding day had a bit of everything... sun, clouds, laughter, tears, and yes...the R word (rain...). But, that didn't stop anyone from having a fabulous time!  It certainly didn't stop Katie + Tom, that's for sure!  We had a great time filming their day and can't wait to start work on their wedding film - coming soon!  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of their day.  Congrats, Katie + Tom!

filmmakers: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Abby Rose Photo
wedding coordinator: Purple Clover Events
entertainment: Blue Water Kings
floral: J Costello Designs
cake: Kasi Cakes
makeup artist: Primp Beauty
reception: Colony Club
music licensing: Music Bed

What a beautiful summer wedding! Haley + Sam were married at Zion Lutheran Church in Bay City before excited family and friends who were over the moon happy to see them tie the knot.  That's where we first met up with them as they prepared for their big day.  Tears and smiles were abundant as they changed into their wedding finest.  Before long, Haley was walking down the aisle, arm in arm with her father.  After exchanging their vows, it was photo time before the big celebration.  We headed over to Midland for a fun photo/video shoot under the Tridge.  Then, it was on to the Horizons Center in Saginaw for a night of celebrating!  It was a pleasure working alongside Stephanie and Alta from Stephanie Lowe Photography, as well as DJ Ryan Rousseau who had the reception rockin' from start to finish.  Congrats, Haley + Sam - thanks for having us a part of your day! We wish you many, many happy years together!

"We just finished watching the film, and WOW!  It was beyond amazing.  I am so amazed by your talent and how you were able to capture so many moments.  I am so glad we will have something like this to remember our special day.  I can't wait to share this with our family and friends" - Haley

video: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Stephanie Lowe Photography
mc/entertainment: DJ Ryan Rousseau
floral: G.T. Homestead
cake: Becky Fick
church: Zion Lutheran Church (Bay City)
reception: Horizons Center (Saginaw)
makeup artist: Shannon Marie Artistry
music licensing: Music Bed

If what they say about rain on your wedding day is true (bringing good luck), then Jenna + Matt should be set for life.  Hey, what's a few raindrops anyway? It certainly didn't dampen the fun and excitement of their special day.  Jenna + Matt were married at First United Methodist Church in Birmingham and held their reception at Oakland Hills Country Club.  We first met up with Jenna and her bridesmaids as they were capping off the finishing touches of makeup and hair at her parents home.  Lots of special moments were captured as Jenna slipped into her beautiful dress moments before her dad caught his first look of her.  From there, it was on to Oakland Hills for Jenna + Matt's first look and a few photos before heading to the church.  After their beautiful ceremony - officiated by Pastor Gary Haller - it was time for their celebration at Oakland Hills.  Family and friends were treated to very special toasts from Jenna's father, her sisters Kelsey and Kristin, and Matt's brother Ben.  It wasn't long before the guests hit the dance floor as the Jerry Ross Band had the place rockin' as only they can.  Matt and the guys even hit the stage to sing a song to Jenna before the band called up the newlyweds to sing for their guests.  It was great to work with planner Carolyn Hefner and her amazing team from The China Closet, photographer Blaine Siesser and his team, Luigi Bruni, Bellisario's, the Jerry Ross Band, and the great staff at Oakland Hills.  Congrats, Jenna + Matt!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

filmmakers: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Blaine Siesser
event planner: The China Closet
floral: Bellisario Florist
entertainment: Jerry Ross Band
hair stylist: Luigi Bruni
makeup artist: Deyo Studio
dress: Monique Lhuillier
shoes: Jimmy Choo
music licensing: Music Bed

First off, I have to say... I don't know that I've ever laughed so much at a wedding than I did at Courtney + Adam's wedding.  Adam has to be one of the funniest guys I think I've ever met.  He literally had me cracking up most of the day (thanks for the shout out during your speech, btw!  Classic!).  Their priest even made mention, during their ceremony, of how funny and crazy Adam is.  Courtney + Adam's day started at the Dearborn Inn where they prepared for their wonderful day ahead.  Having met and fallen in love over 8 years ago, they had waited a long time for this day.  After dressing and exchanging cards and gifts, it was time to head to the church.  Father Jim Bilot officiated a beautiful ceremony as Courtney + Adam became husband and wife.  It was then time to have some fun as we drove around capturing great footage of them just being together and enjoying their day.  Before long, we headed to Lovett Hall at Greenfield Village for their rockin' reception.  Courtney's sisters Lindsey and Kristen, best man Jeff, and Courtney's father Gary all made touching (and humorous) toasts to the happy couple.  After dinner, family and friends rocked out to the sounds of Nightline.  It was so great to work with coordinator Ann Owens from Emerald City Designs again: always a pleasure!  We also loved working with Jean Smith from Jean Smith Photography (check out her blog for more great images of the day).  Congrats, Courtney + Adam!  Thanks for having us along on your special day!

cinema: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Jean Smith Photography
coordination: Ann Owens Emerald City Designs
entertainment: Nightline
church: Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church
reception: Lovett Hall
floral: Emerald City Designs
cake: Iversen's Bakery
makeup artist: Mary Haddad-Sworski
music licensing: SongFreedom

There's nothing like getting married on a beautiful, sunny day!  And, Chelsea + John's wedding day was indeed beautiful (for more reasons than just the weather...).  It's always an honor to be there as a couple begin their new life together and it was a privilege filming Chelsea + John's wedding day.  We met up with the bride + groom at Beacon Baptist Church in Taylor as they went about their preparations for their big day.  Hair.  Makeup.  Exchanging cards and gifts.  An "almost" First Look.  Then, before we knew it, Chelsea was walking down the aisle to meet her new husband.  After a beautiful ceremony uniting them as husband and wife, we were off to Heritage Park for some photo ops.  It was great working with Robin Lieb from Once Upon A Memory Photography again.  We've had the pleasure of working alongside her several times now and it's always fun.  The reception was held at Crystal Gardens in Southgate where several members of their bridal party gave toasts of encouragement to the newlyweds.  A beautiful day all around.  Congrats, Chelsea + John!

"We received our video yesterday afternoon and love it!  You and Lisa did a fantastic job and we were blown away by the quality and creative talent that went into the video!  We appreciated not only the additional footage - which was wonderful by the way and we loved it - but the way it was packaged and shipped.  It really made the whole package complete for us and made for a nice evening of reliving our wedding day.  Overall, we couldn't be more happy and will be sure to recommend you to everyone and anyone looking for a wedding videographer.  Thank you again for being a part of our day and for doing such an incredible job of documenting it.  The video really made us feel like we were back at our wedding"

cinema: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Once Upon A Memory Photography
entertainment/mc: Metro Music Entertainment (Chris French)
florist: A One of A Kind Creation Florist
cake: Sweet Nothings
church: Beacon Baptist Church
reception: Crystal Gardens
music licensing: The Music Bed

In our final installment, here are a few odds and ends tips to help make your wedding film really rock!!!

1. DON'T CHEW GUM... we all want fresh breath but, face it, chewing gum on video is not very appealing.  You may even think you're hiding it pretty well but, trust us, our cameras will see it.  This goes for bridal party and parents, as well.  If you're worried about your breath, keep some breath mints handy.  Trust us, if you chew gum, you'll regret it later when you watch your film.

2. YOUR BRIDAL PARTY... let your bridal party know there will be filmmakers covering your day.  If you think it will help, guide them to our website/blog and let them watch a few films.  This might help them feel more at ease knowing we won't ask them to do anything cheesy, say anything cheesy, or put them in cheesy poses.  We just want them to be themselves and enjoy the day.  We'll make them look good, don't worry :)

3. WEDDING PLANNERS... in a word, we love 'em! (ok, 3 words....).  While we film many weddings that don't have one, hiring a planner can be one of the best decisions you'll make regarding your day (besides hiring a great film studio, that is...).  Whether it be a full service planner who works with you from the very beginning of your planning stages to a "day of" coordinator who makes sure your wedding day runs smoothly, you can't go wrong with a top notch planner.  Check out our "A Few Faves" page for a list of planners that we recommend and enjoy working with.  While you're there, check out the other wedding professionals we recommend.  We're always meeting and working with new people so check the list for updated recommendations.

4. UNPLUGGED WEDDING... that's a term that gets thrown around a lot these days.  But, with our ever growing "dependence" on technology, it may be a trend who's time has definitely come.  As a society, we have come to rely on and overuse our devices.  Even at weddings.  Instead of truly being "present" in the moment and enjoying the wedding, many guests are experiencing the event thru the screen on their phones and cameras.  Some times, even inadvertently getting in the professionals way in their excitement to get a photo.  So, what does an unplugged wedding do?  It lets the filmmakers and photographers capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding and lets your guests be, well, guests.  You can either announce your wedding will be an "unplugged wedding" in your invitation, wedding program, or have your celebrant announce it before the start of your ceremony.  This will make it much easier on your wedding professionals while, at the same time, letting your guests truly enjoy the moment.

And, last but certainly most importantly...

5. DON'T SKIMP ON YOUR MEMORIES... we hear it time and time again from brides... "our friends didn't hire a videographer and really regret it".  In fact, according to many top wedding magazines and blogs, not hiring a videographer is one of the top regrets of brides everywhere.  Almost as common... brides who tell us about friends who went cheap on video and regret it even more than not getting a video at all!  After all, who wants one of the most important days of their life reduced to a cheesy or poorly made video?  It may be a cliche but, when all is said and done, your film and photos will be all that's left from your day.  As memories fade, you will look toward your film and photos to remember your day.  Invest wisely and don't skimp on your memories.

We hope you've enjoyed our Wedding Tips series.  With a little planning (and keeping these tips in mind), you truly will have a Wedding Film That Rocks!!!  Congratulations!!!

Have any tips of your own? We'd love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment or write us at lee@leethomasfilms.com

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