Talar + Shant make a striking couple, don't ya think...? They were married on an overcast day that kept threatening to cut loose at any moment. Luckily, for for them (and us...) it never happened. Well, that is until about halfway through their wedding ceremony when a storm rolled thru knocking out the electricity in the church and leaving us all in pitch black darkness. That was a first for us, for sure. No harm done, however, as it wasn't long before the electricity returned, the ceremony carried on, and Talar + Shant became husband + wife. From there, it was time to celebrate as the party moved into the ballroom and the guests were treated to an evening of dinner and dancing.  It was our first time working alongside Tamara Wade of Silver Thumb Photography. I'm sure she captured some amazing images, especially during our creative session in downtown Detroit. I can't wait to check out those shots!

Enjoy the trailer for Talar + Shant's upcoming wedding film..

cinema: lee thomas films
stills: tamara wade / silver thumb photography
location: st. john's armenian church
wedding coordinator: dalia atisha / the event planner, inc.
"again" by secrets in stereo. music licensing: the music bed

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