Every wedding day is full of stories.  That's part of the fun of filming weddings.  For as much as every wedding has a recurring theme - 2 people meet, fall in love, and decide to marry - no two couples are ever the same.  And, on this day, I heard some amazing stories.  In particular, how Jeremy decided to re-locate all the way to Florida just to be with Merissa even though he knew no one there but her (true love, don't you think...?  I mean, we all think we'd do that but how many of us would actually do it...?)  But, when it came time to edit Merissa + Jeremy's trailer, I went in a different direction.  This story involves a simple car ride from Cleveland to Detroit, but is one of those special moments that makes Merissa + Jeremy's wedding day, well... their wedding day!  Hope you like it.  Congrats Merissa + Jeremy!

Merissa wrote this after receiving her film: "I'm not joking when I say we watched it the day we received it and we both shed tears - it was like reliving the experience all over again.  You did such a wonderful job!  I love how you added little touches to it - like the story I told about when I first knew I wanted to marry Jeremy.  Those are such personal and wonderful touches...it makes me tear up thinking about it now as I'm typing this to you.  We just showed our film to a close friend who said the same thing everyone else has...'whoever did your video did an amazing job!'  I'm so glad I found you, I couldn't have asked for anything better on our big day.  Thanks for everything!"

cinema: lee thomas films
stills: mg photography (great working with you, Michael + Marcy!)
MC/entertainment: Star Trax (Paris rocked it!!)
venue: townsend hotel
"disappear" by the gabe dixon band. music licensing: song freedom


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