A wedding day is a day full of candid, spontaneous moments.  But, as odd as it may sound, even natural, candid moments can sometimes benefit from a little "planning".  It's true!  That way, they can then occur naturally while allowing your filmmakers and photographers to capture them in the best way possible.  It's a win-win.  Case in point... the First Look.  A First Look will never "just" happen, it needs a little help.  A plan.  Once in place, it can then happen naturally.  Make sense?  While our preference is to capture your day as it unfolds, as naturally as possible, there are definitely moments throughout your day that can benefit from a little planning.  And a little planning can make the difference between an ok film and a wedding film that really rocks!  OK, let's get to more Tips...

1. YOUR FIRST LOOK... though they're very popular, many brides are still hesitant to have a First Look.  They often feel they want the first time their husband-to-be seeing them is down the aisle.  While, we fully understand this, we feel there are so many more reasons to do a First Look than not.  First off, you will not get many chances on your wedding day for private moments of any kind.  Your day will rush by faster that you can imagine and your attention will be pulled in many directions.  A First Look gives you the opportunity to be together, talk, calm each others nerves, and generally get even more excited for the day's events (not too mention, sneak in a few kisses...).  Of course, it also makes for very good film and photo moments as well ;)  As far as that First Look "down the aisle"... we don't think it diminishes that at all.  In fact, now instead of just having one first look, you have two!  The "down the aisle" moment will still be there and will still be just as special.  Remember, he hasn't seen you walk down the aisle yet so that'll still be a new and special moment, for both of you!

Depending on your timeline for the day, a First Look may be the best thing to do strictly for practical reasons.  It may allow you to get all (or most) of your photos out of the way early so you don't have to take time doing that later on (especially if your ceremony is slated for later in the day).  Spend that time enjoying cocktail hour with your family and friends rather than being wisked away to take photos.

2. EXCHANGING CARDS + GIFTS... we love to make your wedding film reflect you and your wedding day.  The more personalized moments we can gather of the two of you, the more unique and personal your film will be.  While exchanging cards and/or gifts in itself is not unique, the special words you write and the gifts you exchange are.  If you're thinking about exchanging cards + gifts, by all means DO!  Moments like these are very wedding film-friendly and go a long way to bring out your emotions and personalities in your film.  Just make sure you let us know you're planning on doing this so we can capture it for you.  You won't regret it!

3. DON'T OVER PLAN YOUR DAY... the temptation may be there to do all the things you see in other couples' wedding films or photos, such as a photo/video session downtown as well as at the park.  If your day allows it, that's one thing.  But, you don't want to add unnecessary stress brought on by trying to fit in too many things.  Also, keep traffic and travel time in mind when planning.  If you're going to downtown Detroit, keep in mind there might be a Tigers game or other event that could cause traffic issues.  Better to know that ahead of time.  Decide what is most important to you and then talk with us, your photographer, and event planner to help create a timeline that works for everyone involved.

Speaking of PLANNING and YOUR TIMELINE...please keep us updated and "in the loop" as you plan out your days activities.  Different vendors/wedding pros have different "needs" when it comes to a wedding so make sure you check with your professionals to see if they require anything special.  We are very easy-going and flexible when it comes to your timeline.  However, there are points during the day when we might need a little additional time to set up prior to certain events.  Most notably, your ceremony and reception.  Discussing this ahead of time with your pros will get everyone on the same page and make your day go as smoothly as possible.  Remember, we all want to do our best for YOU.

Up next... tips for your ceremony.


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