In this installment of "Tips For A Wedding Film that Rocks", we're going to be highlighting your ceremony...

1. CELEBRANTS AND MICS... let your officiant know you will be having your wedding filmed and you'd really appreciate if he, or she, would wear one of our voice recorders during the ceremony.  They are recorders only and do not transmit any signals so there is NO chance of interference with the church's sound system.  Most celebrants will be fine with this.  However, if you feel you're getting any resistance, you may want to politely emphasize to the celebrant that, with the day being such a whirlwind, you'll want to be able to watch your film later and hear everything he/she says.  We have found that, with an officiant who's hesitant to wear a mic, if you show interest in him/her wearing it, they are more likely to agree.  For clear audio, we also place a small recorder (as well as a backup) on the groom and podium (if there'll be any readings).

2. YOUR VOWS... if your church/venue allows it, think about writing your own vows.  There is nothing more personal and emotional than reciting your vows of love to your significant other in front of all your family and friends.  We realize some churches may not allow this but it doesn't hurt to ask.  If they are open to it, this moment alone will make your wedding day one you (and your guests) will never forget.  Also, make sure you turn to face each during your vows.  You'll want your family and friends - as well as your photo/video professionals - to be able to see your faces as you recite your vows.

3. LIGHTING THE UNITY CANDLE... again, make sure you turn so that your guests - as well as your  professional team - can see.  If you light the candle with your backs to your guests, that is all we will see.  This applies to most anything during your ceremony.  If it's important to you, make sure you're in a position so all your family and friends can see.

Last, but not least...

4. THE CEREMONY LOCATION... before you reserve the church, make sure you check what their policies are when it comes to professional videography/photography during the ceremony.   Most churches realize there will be a videographer and photographer present and are ok with that as long as they are respectful and discreet.  Some churches, however, have extremely restrictive rules that can severely affect the quality of your film + photos.  Restrictions such as only allowing us to film from the back of the church or only from the balcony.  When you watch your film, you'll want to see your faces, not just the backs of your heads.  Obviously, your ceremony is about more than photo and video.  However, you should be well aware of ANY restrictions that may affect your film and photos PRIOR to reserving the church so you can make an informed decision.  Better to know the rules upfront than be surprised and disappointed later.

Next time... your Creative Session (say what...?) and your Reception.


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