In our final installment, here are a few odds and ends tips to help make your wedding film really rock!!!

1. DON'T CHEW GUM... we all want fresh breath but, face it, chewing gum on video is not very appealing.  You may even think you're hiding it pretty well but, trust us, our cameras will see it.  This goes for bridal party and parents, as well.  If you're worried about your breath, keep some breath mints handy.  Trust us, if you chew gum, you'll regret it later when you watch your film.

2. YOUR BRIDAL PARTY... let your bridal party know there will be filmmakers covering your day.  If you think it will help, guide them to our website/blog and let them watch a few films.  This might help them feel more at ease knowing we won't ask them to do anything cheesy, say anything cheesy, or put them in cheesy poses.  We just want them to be themselves and enjoy the day.  We'll make them look good, don't worry :)

3. WEDDING PLANNERS... in a word, we love 'em! (ok, 3 words....).  While we film many weddings that don't have one, hiring a planner can be one of the best decisions you'll make regarding your day (besides hiring a great film studio, that is...).  Whether it be a full service planner who works with you from the very beginning of your planning stages to a "day of" coordinator who makes sure your wedding day runs smoothly, you can't go wrong with a top notch planner.  Check out our "A Few Faves" page for a list of planners that we recommend and enjoy working with.  While you're there, check out the other wedding professionals we recommend.  We're always meeting and working with new people so check the list for updated recommendations.

4. UNPLUGGED WEDDING... that's a term that gets thrown around a lot these days.  But, with our ever growing "dependence" on technology, it may be a trend who's time has definitely come.  As a society, we have come to rely on and overuse our devices.  Even at weddings.  Instead of truly being "present" in the moment and enjoying the wedding, many guests are experiencing the event thru the screen on their phones and cameras.  Some times, even inadvertently getting in the professionals way in their excitement to get a photo.  So, what does an unplugged wedding do?  It lets the filmmakers and photographers capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding and lets your guests be, well, guests.  You can either announce your wedding will be an "unplugged wedding" in your invitation, wedding program, or have your celebrant announce it before the start of your ceremony.  This will make it much easier on your wedding professionals while, at the same time, letting your guests truly enjoy the moment.

And, last but certainly most importantly...

5. DON'T SKIMP ON YOUR MEMORIES... we hear it time and time again from brides... "our friends didn't hire a videographer and really regret it".  In fact, according to many top wedding magazines and blogs, not hiring a videographer is one of the top regrets of brides everywhere.  Almost as common... brides who tell us about friends who went cheap on video and regret it even more than not getting a video at all!  After all, who wants one of the most important days of their life reduced to a cheesy or poorly made video?  It may be a cliche but, when all is said and done, your film and photos will be all that's left from your day.  As memories fade, you will look toward your film and photos to remember your day.  Invest wisely and don't skimp on your memories.

We hope you've enjoyed our Wedding Tips series.  With a little planning (and keeping these tips in mind), you truly will have a Wedding Film That Rocks!!!  Congratulations!!!

Have any tips of your own? We'd love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment or write us at


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