Amanda + Kevin's love story plays out like a Hollywood script full of true love, adversity, and heartache.  Amanda was born with juvenile pilocytic spinal cord astrocytoma, a rare tumor of the spinal cord.  Even though the doctors told her parents the prognosis wasn't good, Amanda was a battler, enduring the first of nine major surgeries when she was just 9 months old.  At 11, doctors put 2 titanium rods in her back.  At 21, she went through radiation therapy.  Doctors told her several times that she may never walk again.  But she battled on, with her boyfriend Kevin always by her side.  With things finally looking good, they made plans for their wedding and her long awaited walk down the aisle to meet him.

Then, as in a Hollywood movie, a turn of events.  Amanda learned she would need yet another major surgery.  They were devastated, to say the least.  All the money they had saved up for their wedding would now need to go towards medical bills.  Not wanting to see her friend's dream wedding not happen, Amanda's maid of honor decided to secretly set up a Go Fund Me page in hopes of raising enough money to cover her medical bills and keep the wedding on track.

Then, something extra special happened...

Wedding planner (and our friend) Laura Davis, of Laura Davis & Co., heard about Amanda + Kevin's story and decided to help out. She put together a dream team of over 25 wedding professionals (most of whom donated their time and talents) to give Amanda + Kevin their dream wedding.  When she contacted us asking if we'd be willing to create a wedding film for them, we answered with a resounding yes!  Amanda + Kevin are such a sweet couple and we were honored to be a part of their day!

Here's a short teaser trailer of their day, highlight film still to come!

Congrats Amanda + Kevin!  Here's to many, many happy years together!  Cheers!


For more on their story and to view the video that aired on WDIV, click here...

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