Michael's father started off his toast noting that Chrissy + Michael were both born on Christmas Day. "What are the odds of that?", he asked.  However, what he didn't realize was that one the filmmakers capturing their day was also born on Christmas Day (yes, me...).  Now, what are the odds of THAT...?!! LOL!!  Not only do Chrissy + Michael both have Christmas birthdays but they also met for the first time at a Christmas party (I'm sensing a recurring theme here...).  Chrissy + Michael were married at St. Florian Catholic Church on a beautiful, warm summer day.  After tying the knot, they headed to Belle Isle for a quick photo/video session before it was on to St. Mary's Cultural Center to celebrate the night away.

Cheers, Chrissy + Michael... here's to many, many happy years ahead!

film: Lee Thomas Films
photography: Robert Bruce Photography
dj/entertainment: Ultimate Events Productions
florist: Guzzardo's
makeup artist: Shuston Vincent
music licensing: Music Bed and Songfreedom


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